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Our aim is to help you achieve what you want to achieve through your career. We make no assumptions about what that might be. We want to get to know you and learn about you and what you want.

We want to give you a positive experience. We want to be a trusted adviser who can walk your career path with you. We take the long view and want to help you do what is right for you in the long term.

If this is the right time to move to develop your career we will tell you.

If it is not we will tell you that too.

If this is not the right time to move we will advise you what you can do to improve your situation.

Our Approach

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At some time we all need to find a new role and a new challenge. We can help.



Where do you want to get to and when? How can you do it? We can help.



The career path for a woman can be more complex. We help you choose your path and achieve what you want.



Share our insights into the market and the world.


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Career Opportunities

“I am happy where I am and seem to be moving forwards.”

We can help you verify that. We can discuss and agree what you want to achieve and by when.

We can tell you what is realistic and what is not.

We can identify the skills and experience you need and whether you have them.

If not we can help you get them.

“I don’t want to move anywhere else but I know that I am not getting on here like I should be.”

Together we can work out what the problem is.

We will tell you whether it can be fixed. If it can we can help you get the tools you need.

If it cannot then you have a decision to make.

“Things are not what they should be and maybe its time to think about looking elsewhere.”

We can help you understand what you have to offer. We can establish what you want to achieve and by when. We can look at the market and advise you on what you could consider that could move you forwards.

Having agreed the people you want to talk to we approach them professionally and confidentially.

Throughout the process we are working for you.

We work with you to identify the right roles to fit you.

We take the time to understand you, your achievements and your goals. Its not just about legal jobs. Its about building legal careers.

We have a long term view of the world – we would never suggest moving jobs unless we thought that it was the best thing for you as a person and your career. That’s why our focus is on building real relationships with our candidates and the businesses we work with so that we can become trusted advisors rather than clinical recruiters.

Our Promise

We work for you
You are our client. We work in your best interests, not our own and not those of the businesses we introduce you to. They pay our fee but you are our client. We make that position clear to anyone we introduce you to.

We will help you understand your options.
We will discuss your career so far and ascertain your skills and experience. We will listen to what you say. We will talk about your long term and short term objectives. Having done that we will advise you on what your realistic options are. If these do not match what you want we will advise you on what you need to do to gain the skills and experience required.

We will introduce you to everyone you want.
We will introduce you to all of the places we agree between us can potentially take you in the direction you want to go. We can deal with any firm whether we already know them or not.

We will commit to you.
We will set out in writing what we can do for you and what you can expect of us. In return we ask you to commit to us and be open in your dealings with us as we will be with you. We will be professional and deal with you confidentially. You are in control of the process at all times.

Career Accelerator

Not only do we put you into the best roles, but we fully acknowledge that moving is not always the best option. Therefore, we have developed a program which allows you to thrive in your firm. We help you develop the skills that matter so that you can stand out and flourish in a saturated legal market. We will put you one step in front of the rest so that your current firm will try harder to keep you and other firms will try harder to win you over.

Firstly, we establish where you are right now. We look at your current situation, what is working and what isn’t. We set goals and we develop plans for how to achieve those goals.

We then focus on building your skills in 8 areas – the 8 areas that matter the most in law firms today:

  • Collaboration in a national/global framework
  • Exceptional client service without it taking over your life
  • Being authentic, personable and emotionally intelligent
  • Think commercially and understand the money
  • Improving processes and improving yourself
  • Building relationships, your network, and communicating your value to win your own clients
  • How to boost your productivity with technology
  • Time management and working efficiently

We look at how these skills can help you achieve your goals and we tailor an action plan to get you there.


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High Flying Women

This really is the point of the group: To inspire each other, to push each other, to help each other as much as we can to maximise our potential.

High Flying Women really is a long term initiative with collaboration as the focus. You will get out of it as much as you give. We are striving for real societal change – to increase the number of female leaders and to narrow the Gender Pay Gap.

Anyone that comes to an event automatically becomes a member of High Flying Women and can utilise 3 methods of collaborating: Events, which both focus on skill development and building your network;
Mentor/Mentee opportunities, which give members the opportunity to build relationships with and learn from / help develop talented business-women; and the online forum, which allows members to keep in touch and develop their networks even further. With geographic expansion on the horizon, the online platforms provided will only increase in value.

High Flying Women


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Jepson Holt were excellent to work with as a candidate throughout the recruitment process. […]
Jepson Holt provide excellent background and information to the firm along with keeping me in the loop at each stage. […]
Thank you so much for allowing my CV to be viewed by an exceptional law firm which offers everything I asked for and so, so much more. […]
I really was starting to lose faith about securing a role. […]
I would like to say thank you so much. It’s better than anticipated. […]