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Businesses are built by people.

We believe that great people deserve the chance to work in places where they can flourish.

We are about growth through people and growth of people.

For Businesses: We help your business become better and more profitable through bringing you the people who can make the difference for you. We can bring you individuals, teams, or other businesses to help you achieve your strategy.

For Individuals: We help you to achieve your potential, whether that can be donewhere you are or whether you need to move. We understand and can get you what you need to develop the skills and experience to move to the next level.

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Our specialities include:

  • Changes to the legal market
  • Tips and tricks for when you’re looking for a job
  • Methods to build your skills
  • Gender Equality in law firms
  • Health and wellbeing in the work place







Values and Vision

Our Values:

We behave in a way, which is open handed, and straight forward.

We try to be as good as we can. We constantly improve what we do.

We have high personal and professional standards and behave in a manner which is consistent with them.

We try new and different ways of doing things to find better ways to deliver results.

Team work
We are a team. We have a range of experience and talent. We want an environment where everyone can perform at their best and contribute to the performance of the business. Ultimately team success is more important than individual success.

Long Term View
We believe that we should take decisions affecting those we deal with and our business based on what is best in the long term.

Values and Vision

Our Vision:

To be seen as trusted advisors and problem-solvers to our clients, as well as career development and business development experts in the legal market and wider professional services community.

We want to be considered as a boutique recruiting, coaching and consulting business which operates in the mid to upper tiers of the legal services market and has value derived from its:

  • ability to create value for those it works with;
  • ability to innovate;
  • strong and distinct methodology.

"If we are going to ask you to entrust us with helping you to build your business or career, we should be able to show you that we build our own business through acquiring quality people who are developing their careers. We believe we have built and are still building a great team. Every time we add someone we try to find someone better than what we had before. That should mean that everyone else in the business has the potential to be better than me."

Philip Jepson

Phil Jepson
Mark Husband
Bethan Jepson
Matthew Parkes

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3 Ways We Are Different

Legal Services Conferences
In November 2017 we held our fourth annual conference for legal business leaders and senior lawyers.

We look at the challenges that legal businesses face now and in the future. The challenges may result from market changes, economic changes, political changes or from specific events.

We bring in engaging and expert speakers to communicate potential solutions that can help legal businesses thrive (not just survive) in a changing legal landscape.

High Flying Women
Jepson Holt are proud sponsors of the female empowerment network High Flying Women.

Set up by one of our own - Bethan Jepson, High Flying Women is growing extremely rapidly, a testament to it’s ethos of collaboration and bringing women together to lift each other higher.

Over the past 3 years, women have made up 35% of our senior placements, so we see firsthand that there are less women coming through the leadership pipeline than men. We want to work with law firms and lawyers to ensure that going forward, women will make up 50% of our senior placements.

3 Ways We're Smashing It

Obviously, as a people business, Jepson Holt has long recognised that diversity is essential for businesses to achieve. Women deserve the same access to leadership as men. At Jepson Holt, we believe this so strongly we have committed both time and investment to allow High Flying Women to maximise the potential of the women in the network.

Career Development
We want to invest in the future leaders of the legal market. We want to pass on the secrets that we have learned over the years from the relationships we have with senior lawyers and business leaders who have done it all before.

We have developed a series of tools which can help professionals maximise their potential, progress their career and reach the top.